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Rescued from the Mississippi woods

Rescued from the Mississippi woods

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I had been intrigued with the beautiful Apollo Sceptre for many years. Having grown up with high-line luxury coaches and currently owning a pristine 1983 Foretravel diesel pusher featured in FMCA  magazine “Keep those Classics rolling” Dec 2010 It was natural that the Sceptre piqued my interest. Having developed a friendship with Dennis and Cheryl Denoi (owners of #39) and admiring their magnificent coach I became even more determined to find a Sceptre of my own. Many times ones available were simply too far away to be a feasible purchase, not to mention I do not need two motor homes.  Mid February 2019 I received a text from Dennis with a link to a FB marketplace ad listing an Apollo Sceptre only 500 miles from my home!

I read through the ad and knew quick action was in order. The low selling price and the statement made from the seller ” I just want it gone” added urgency to save this coach.  I immediately started contact attempts with the seller which did not respond until a few days later. The correspondence was vague and I was only given minimal information as to its true condition, only that it was lived in for the past year, needed lots of work and the engine had something wrong with it. Through much encouraged support from Dennis and Cheryl I decided to take a leap of faith and send funds to secure the purchase.  The pics below are all I had to go on as to the condition of this rare coach. I contracted a transport company and within two weeks #34 was sitting in my driveway. Once unloaded off the flatbed and I had a chance to check this once grand coach out it became clear that it was in worse shape than I thought and was going to need extensive work to become usable once again. As I began the process of evaluating the systems and removing the filth I was impressed at how solid these coaches are. Very few, if any coaches could take the abuse and neglect this rig did and still be worth saving. Please follow along with me as I continue the restoration of #34 or Delta Queen as I’ve named her. Any comments and questions are welcomed. I will continue to upload pics and continue the story as time allows. Update 7/15/20. As of this writing I have completed the following task. Replaced all fresh water plumbing with PEX as the original copper had more holes than a cheese grater, converted the 120vac electrical system to 50 amp service with an automatic transfer switch for generator power. Replaced all appliances and fixtures with new from the roof a/c units on down. Currently working on flooring and next will be repairing all water damage  to the interior woodwork.

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Rescued from the Mississippi woods

I had been intrigued with the beautiful Apollo Sceptre for many years. Having grown up with high-line luxury coaches and currently owning a pristine 1983

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