Learn All About the Apollo Sceptre

Read these articles to gain knowledge and learn the history of the legendary Apollo Sceptre Motor Homes.
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Sceptre Signals by Don Casey

The Sceptre Signals and information was originally compiled and distributed by Don Casey, an early Apollo Sceptre owner and enthusiast. Don wrote 6 “Sceptre Signals,” that were published in Family Motor Coach Association’s Apollo International Club’s Apollogram newsletter in the 1990s. Don wanted to create a level of mystery along with the valuable information that he was distributing and wrote under the moniker Desert Fox. It worked; everyone was talking about Sceptres, Sceptre Signals and who could be the true author, the Sceptre community was a very small and close net group, so everyone was suspect!

Quality Comes First

If you could design the ideal motorhome, no doubt you’d build a roomy 35-footer with quality interior furnishings, use an impact-resistant frame on a heavy-duty chassis, equip it with a fuel-saving diesel engine and hefty 4-speed Allison automatic transmission, streamline the exterior using fiberglass panels that could be easily repaired or replaced, and make it as maintenance-free as possible.

Apollo Unveils Diesel Coach in FMC Tradition

Apollo, a builder of luxury-class motorhomes since 1970, has advanced to the next logical plateau in coach construction with the Sceptre – a 35-foot diesel-powered, limited-production model that will sell for about $130,000. Much can be said of its features and elegance, but Apollo’s chassis builder summed it up best with the observation that this coach has “one of everything plus a couple of extras thrown in.”