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Located Apollo Sceptres by Apollo Serial Numbers and Location

Last updated May 21, 2024.

This list of Apollo Serial Numbers (ASN) and known locations is a constant work in progress and the primary reason this website was created. The Sceptre is one of the rarest modern production motor coaches made in America. It was also instrumental in the development of the high-end Class A diesel pusher motor coach. These coaches were some of the most expensive Class A motor coaches available in the mid-1980s and were marketed as a special order only coach, selling for $179,000 to $250,000 per unit.

Most of these coaches lived a life of luxury for the first 20 years of their existence, however, like most RVs, there is a point where some Sceptres were either parked too long and/or otherwise were not properly cared for. It is these rougher condition Sceptres that we are most concerned with. These Sceptres are at a tipping point where they could get to a point of no return. Within the last couple of years, several of these in-danger Sceptres were rescued and their new and lucky owners have return them into road worthy and head turning coaches that grab and keep passerby’s attention.

These extremely well built and rare coaches are worthy of a second lease on life and have never been more affordable. This is the perfect time to become one of the few, the proud, a Sceptre owner!

If you have seen or run across one of these missing or unknown to this website Sceptres? We would like to hear from you. The two most important pieces of information are the Apollo Serial Number (ASN) that is located on the VIN/Data Plate, which is a 3 ½ inch by 4 1/8 inch plate located on the side body of the Sceptre near the entry door. Another important piece of information is the location of the missing or relocated Sceptre. If possible, please provide contact info of the Sceptre’s owner.

1982 Models

#01 - 62D470001

Located in Olympia, WA.

#02 - 62D470002

Unknown Location.

#03 - 62D470003

Located in Hungry Horse, MT.

#04 - 62D470004

Last Located in Eagle, CO. Unfortunately, this unit caught fire and was destroyed in 2016.

#05 - 62D370005

Unknown Location.

#06 - 62D540006

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

#07 - 62D370007

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

#08 - 62D370008 - For Sale!

Located in Redding, CA. This unit is believe to be available for purchase.

#09 - 62D370009

Located in McMinnville, OR.

#10 - 62D370010

Located in Arroyo Grande, CA.

#11 - 62D370011

Unknown Location.

#12 - 62D370012

Unknown Location.

#13 - 62D470013

Unknown Location.

#14 - 62D370014

Unknown Location.

#15 - 62D540015

Unknown Location.

#16 - 62D370016

Located in Williamstown, VT.

#17 - 62D570017

Located in Missouri Valley, IA.

#18 - 62D470018

Located in Spanaway, WA.

#19 - 62D370019

Located in Denver, CO. This unit was garaged and is in pristine condition with less than 8000 miles.

#20 - 62D470020

Unknown Location.

#21 - 62D370021

Unknown Location.

#22 - 62D370022

Last Located in Sonora, CA. This unit was stolen and destroyed in 1997.

#23 - 62D370023

Unknown Location.

#24 - 62D370025

Located in South Australia. This unit was found in 2023 abandoned and sadly, overtaken by coastal birds.

#25 - 62D370026

Located in Doddridge, AR.

#26 - 62D370027

Located in Clovis, NM.

#27 - 62D270028

Located in Clovis, NM.

#28 - 62D370029

Located in Acton, CA.

1983 Models

#29 - 63D570030

Located in South Range, WI. This unit was cut lengthwise and secured to a wall as a piece of art!

#30 - 62D570024

Located in Milton, FL.

#31 - 63D310102

Located in Merritt Island, FL. This unit has a gold and green paint job.

#32 - 63D370103

Located in Macon, GA.

#33 - 63D370104

Last known location, McKees Rocks, PA. Unit was in an auto repair auction ~ 2021 in OH.

#34 - 63D570105

Located in Seymour, TN.

#35 - 63D370106

Unknown Location.

#36 - 63D370107

Located near Iona, MI.

#37 - 63D370008

Located in Santa Clara, CA.

#38 - 63D370109

Unknown Location.

#39 - 63D340110 - For Sale!

Dennis and Cheryl DeNoi's Sceptre. Located in TX.

1984/1985 Models

#40 - 64D430201

Located in North County San Diego, CA.

#41 - 64D250202

Located in San Jose, CA. One of two Sceptres with blue striping and is registered as a 1985.

#42 - 64D550203

Located in Northern NM. The second of two units with blue striping.

#43 - 64D460204

Located in Arroyo Grande, CA. This is the last known diesel pusher Sceptre.

1989 Models

It is not known how many front engine gas powered Sceptres were built, but one has been located in the North Bay area, CA. This mysterious gas Sceptre was not assigned an ASN and the data plate reads just “Sceptre” w/o an ASN.

Unidentified Units

These are two unidentified Apollo Sceptre’s which were scrapped and crushed before the ASNs were able to be captured and documented. If anyone has more information on which units these may have been, please contact us!

Unknown - CA

This unit was last reported in Booneville, CA. It was later scrapped and crushed. No ASN was ever provided.

Unknown - Finland

Last Location was Finland. This unit was reported by a neighbor and no ASN was ever provided. The unit was scrapped and crushed.

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